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  • Rep. Jose Alexandro Lozano: Raise Minimum Wage to $12.50

    by Jaime O. Perez Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) has testified in Congress that holding things equal the true minimum wage should be $22 dollars. Recently Seattle passed a $15 dollar minimum wage and many other cities have increased it to $10. President Obama has lobbied to increase the minimum...

  • Rush Limbaugh: Ferguson Unfair to Police

    By Jaime O. Perez The Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri continues to draw attention because of the aftermath of anger and rioting it has left in its wake. Sadly, Michael Brown is not alone nor is this type of shooting an isolated incident. Daniel Saenz: Michael Brown: John...

  • Tommy Gonzalez: Crushing Tax Burden

    by Jaime O. Perez The initial conversation relative to taxes and spending between City Manager Tommy Gonzalez and Courtney Niland, Emma Acosta and Michiel Noe seemed eerily similar to the initial conversations between City Manager Joyce Wilson and tax and spend proteges Beto O’Rourke, Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega....

  • Joe Straus: Republican Texas Two-Face

    by Jaime O. Perez The Texas Legislature is poised to reform a driver-surcharge program in January. The program should be repealed altogether. It violates the constitution by imposing fines above and beyond what drivers have already paid locally. This’ double jeopardy’ is outrageous. The funds are used for other...


  • El Paso Times: Perez is Best Choice for Congress

    by Jaime O. Perez I was frankly astonished when I learned the El Paso Times Editorial Board endorsed me for the 16th Congressional District. It was not expected. But, I take issue with the commentary relative to the failings of Congressman O’Rourke and found them unfair. For the Board to suggest the only thing Mr. O’Rourke has done is host townhalls with one group of veterans, carry Obama’s water and has ignored everyone and everything else content simply to travel the national television interview circuit. The board’s sycophantic support for me should not lead them to attack O’Rourke. It greatly diminishes the

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  • Population set to deflate?

    Greg Mannarino and other commentators have recently noted global population growth has reached a “hockey stick”...
  • Inform, Prepare, Sustain, Maintain

    by Lemuel Arredondo Despite the mainstream media’s tongue-in-cheek portrayal of preppers as crazed conspiracy theorists, the...



  • Inventor’s Corner

    Do you have a new invention or a new approach you want to showcase on these...


  • Anti-Bombing Protest Saturday

    Armand Villaverde, Eric Rivera Ramirez and David Nunez announced a demonstration against US bombing of Syria....
  • GED Changes Coming

    by Lemuel Arredondo The Department of Education has announced students currently taking GED examinations must complete...
  • Fast Food Reforms

    by Tierra o Muerte Both Republicans and Democrats contend criticism of the new teacher evaluation system...



  • Volaris to Durango?

    Volaris airlines announced flights to Durango, Mexico for $80. This is a great deal. For those...


  • Casa de Jaime

    Many people think preppers survive on ramen. While end of the world scenarios might make this...


  • Of Love and Betrayal

    by Omar Tarango My cat, Lois Lane, is an inside cat. Recently, she found her way...
  • Love the Laughs

    by Omar Tarango My mom got us connected with cable when I was 9 years old....


  • Sun Devils At Cohen

    El Paso, Texas- The newly formed El Paso Sun Devils is a Semi-professional football team on...
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